E-Mail: jimo@greatdogk9training.com to schedule


The first step is to record some basic information about your dog. Send an email to jimo@greatdogk9training.com. Put your dog's name(s) in the subject field, e.g. "Training for Max" then, in the body of the email, your contact information including name, address and telephone number. You're information will be kept private and never shared. Your address is required for scheduling as I try to keep appointments as close to each other as possible in an effort to minimizes travel time & costs.

When I get your email I'll reply with a simple Q&A for you to fill out and reply back with. Once I hear from you I can provide you with available dates & times and the evaluation can be scheduled.

During the evaluation I'll first have you meet me outside your home with your dog(s) securely tethered on a 6ft or shorter leash. I want to see where your dog lives, how they respond to me, what the dynamics are in the house, answer your questions, discuss realistic training goals and oftern begin the process right there and then.

While I will try in earnest to determine if I can help you before the evaluation is scheduled, the possibility remains I may determine your needs are better served by another trainer, behavioral consultant, behaviorist or a veterinarian. Whenever possible, I will provide you with a referral should this occur, the evaluation fee will still apply however. Evaluations typically run 45-60 minutes.

COST: $80.00 + Tax


Three one hour sessions which can cover basic issues like walking on a loose leash, come when called, sit/stay, down/stay or be tailored to address specific issues requiring behavior modification, examples include, reactivity, aggression, excessive barking and a myriad other common issues. Lessons are often but not always spaced a week apart.

COST: $200.00 + Tax


This is a good option for dog owners with difficult schedules or who want to play by ear the progress their dogs are making. These are also an hour long.

COST PER SESSION: $80.00 + Tax

All costs shown subject to a 20% discount with proof of adoption from a shelter or rescue group as well as to veterans and seniors over the age of 65.


Cash, Check, VISA, Mastercard, AMEX, Discover, Venmo


There are times when the information provided in the Q&A point to remote sessions vs in person as the more effective and/or appropriate approach. You may prefer this vs in person as well and can ask that your sessions being conducted remotely. Once an appointment day/time is scheduled you'll receive an invitation with a link to your remote session that can typically be saved to a calendar. If you've ever been in an online meeting, eg Zoom, Teams, etc this will be very familiar. If you haven't, it's relatively easy as well as being a welcome piece of tech in the larger mission to improve life for our dogs and ourselves.

You will need mobile device with camera and audio eg. Laptop, Tablet or Smartphone as the need to stage camera angles may be required to have a good grasp on what's happening. Equipment and available bandwidth can impact the video/audio quality so it's a good idea to disable WiFi on as many devices as you reasonably can prior to the session and to use the device with the most update hardware, ie best camera and audio for streaming purposes. Finally, the link may prompt you to download a small interface application, to avoid downtime during our scheduled appointment be sure to do this in advance.

60 minute sessions are $64.20 (tax included) pay by Venmo to @greatdog-ri or Credit Card

If there are technical issues that prevent the session from occuring your fee will refunded.

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